Wednesday, January 13, 2016

First Project for 2016- Part I

Hey there girls!
I am finally back and have pretty much cleaned the house and unpacked. :-)

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Before going on vacations, I bought this beautiful matte furniture paint by Panduro Hobby in Taupe and planned to paint a small storage chest I had bought from IKEA sometime back. It is a wonderful addition to my craft space and can easily contain a lot of my bottles and containers. Also, it sits nicely on my drawer unit but it is untreated wood and if you google, there are various alterations people have done to it and made it super awesome. I have included the link to the drawer chest in the caption below.


My first step of the entire transformation was to simply, use the furniture paint over it. It is a beautiful matte purple-ish taupe color. Such a fan!

Next step was to find some color boards to inspire myself :-) I have added a few here with the link to the respective blogs in the captions. 
Home Tree Atlas
Absolutely love this one. This is exactly what I had in mind- to combine it with browns and the original taupe. 

Wedbook. This has pretty much the same colors

Wedding Paper Divas. I love the idea of adding a bit of gold- of course! :-) 

Bella Lucia Photography- Adding Charcoal, another option
After I have done my homework, I know which colors to go with to complete the look of the chest. For now, this is what it looks like after painting. 

Please see what it looked like before the paint. :) of course, it had quite a lot of spray stains lol! 

Since, it is drying at the moment, I can only show you this much in this post. I will obviously, add a little more to this otherwise simple chest. Hopefully in my next post, you will see the complete look. 

I would love to have your ideas on what I should add on this chest. Let me know through the comments!

Until then,


  1. eee i also like this drawer its on my wishlist ...
    well done zaihan .

    1. thank you. for some reason, it is no more available at the local online IKEA store. I like their mini 4x4 chests too, you can put them together to have a huge amount of drawers together. :)

  2. Wow J! It looks really nice! So changed!

  3. This looks super cute:) you can add some gold on it like in the centre chester in the form of your initials...or u can doodle gold flourishes on it witb gold sharpies or black ones if they work on the painted surface.:)

  4. it looks great... and I am so loving the taupe colour you have selected... It will look so beautiful once you have completed the transformation... looking forward to the next post now :)

  5. This looks like a fun project. Cant wait to see what you will add further. :)

  6. Love this Jaihan! The selection of the paint color is gorgeous! and so is the inspiration, so looking forward to what you come up with! im sure it will turn out amazing! <3

  7. Love the color, and I have a feeling you're going to go with gold , deep purple for the finished look! I love to guess! ;)
    Would definitely wait for your next post with the ultimate look. Good luck! :)

  8. there are endless possibilities to this piece. can't wait to see the complete look.

    1. Exactly! Love Ikea for this. Posting in a few days :)

  9. The color is amazing ! now you can add some really creative knobs to the chest in grey or silver ! Looking forward to see the next post on this :)

  10. Hi! thank you so much, yes knobs are part of the plan. Let's see how seen I get to execute this :)

  11. Love the color J. And I should have commented before I saw the final look but of course I saw it earlier and was waiting for its complete look. 😊