Saturday, January 2, 2016

5 things I cant craft without!

Hi there lovely people!
I have already given you all the introduction about the Crafty Kickstart 2016- a crafty way to start the new year! to celebrate the new year, we are sharing tips and tricks and general crafty posts throughout January and giving out prizes to participants by the end of the month :-)
Please go through the previous post to know how to take part :-)

Today, I am sharing with you five things I can't craft without! There are a few items out of my entire craft stash that I end up using in almost all of my projects. Here is the list :)

1. Ranger Archival Inkpad- Jet Black
It is my go-to pad for stamping sentiments- always! I just love how intense black and how permanent and resistant it is.

2. Tim Holtz Distress Inkpad- Vintage Photo (or Black Soot).
Depending on the colors of the project, I love distressing my paper embellishments with these two inkpads. I believe distressing takes layering to another level.

3. Paper Cutter/Trimmer
For all of you who are new to crafting, investing in a paper cutter or trimmer is a MUST. I prefer a local paper cutter which comes with a broad base because it is heavy duty and goes a long way. The trimmers are however pretty light and easy to carry. You just cant craft without them, can you? :)

4. Double Sided Foam Tape
I've been struggling to find these rolls abroad, I managed to find only the double sided foam dots for embellishments but these rolls that you find locally are the best investment (which reminds me, I have to stock them before leaving) They add beautiful layering and you can always double or triple them to adjust the height of embellishments.

5. Tim Holtz Non Stick Scissors by Tonic
The best scissors so far! I haven't tried a lot of scissors but I remember how much of a pain it was when I used to use regular scissors for cutting a thousand things. I even ruined my skin with the old scissors. These are very comfortable and since they are non-sticky, you can easily cut sticky tapes with it without ruining the scissors (always keep baby wipes handy anyway :) )

I have focused more on the staples of crafting and I hope it can help new crafters decide what to invest on :) I have also linked them to the Artful Crafting Online Store so that you can directly open the link and buy them.
Please leave your comments below and let me know what are YOUR five must have items while you are sitting down to craft. It will be lots of fun to read and compare ourselves. :D

Until Next time!
Happy Crafting y'all


  1. Such an awesome post Jaihan.... So my 5 crafty things that I use on almost all my projects would be yes the ranger ink black colour, my trimmer, UHU glue... for some reason I prefer it to all other glues...antique linen distress ink and my heat gun.

    1. I agree with hearing tool now that I'm more into mixed media but I could go without it when I started Crafting.
      Thank you for leaving your feedback ❤

  2. you are so right about the ranger inkpad. i am using it nonstop since the day i bought it.
    I never knew that non-sticky scissors exist. what a blessing! next thing on my list ;)

    1. Glad to know that the post could be of some help. I don't remember what size is my scissors but the scissors are super comfortable. Do buy!
      Thank you for your feedback ❤

  3. Besides Tim holtz scissors, all those are my must haves too :)

  4. And im yet to buy the tim holtz scissors. Rest are my go-to tools too. I would add "glossy accents" to the list too. I always alwaysss use that. Even if i have to adhere large papers. I am gng to change this habbit. That magical thing is too darn expensive for major use. :P

    1. Lol yes a good glue is a must too. I miss UHU abroad but yes I've been using glossy accents for sticking too lately. Too lazy of Me lol!

  5. Such a great post for newbie crafters, I certainly agree with these 5 too :)

  6. The non sticky scissors certainly got my attention. I am still struggling to find an affective way of cleaning my scissors after using foam tape. ;)
    I am also in love with my cutting pad and itching to try out the craft mat soon! :)
    Lovely post with good pointers.

    1. Thank you for visiting Sharooq! I love the crafting mat too however it is more important when you need a surface for things like paper cutters (for intricate paper cutting) or using flower shaping kits. You can use a box sheet for all other craft related activities. :) I enjoy cutting with the non stick scissors. Do try em!

  7. Nice post...i dont have Tim Holtz scissors but rest of the things I cant do anything without...they are must haves...thank you J for sharing these useful posts

  8. Thank you! Once you start using those scissors, you're definitely going to take it as an'essential' ;)

  9. I have been thinking of buying the scissors too but unfortunately haven't got a chance yet. My must haves include glossy accents, double foam tape, paper cutter. 😁

  10. thats a very helpful post Jaihan.
    My favorite 5 are: Archival black and Vintage Photo ink, heat gun, paper trimmer, and piercing tool.