Thursday, December 31, 2015

Crafty Kickstart 2016

Hey lovely people! 

We're stepping into the new year and making January a ‘crafty month’ where we will be sharing a crafty project or a tip or a post about our crafty lives or craft products on our blogs, all in the hope to kickstart everyone’s crafty mojos for 2016! and we would love it if you played along with us and joined in the fun.
And that’s not all, we will also be giving away some Artful Crafting vouchers at the end of the month! Artful Crafting is an online craft store based in Pakistan buy posts internationally so everyone is invited … yayyyyy!!!!! That’s 5 big chances to win…. and a lot of fun!

So, to participate

1. Subscribe to all the blogs by clicking on the following links.

2. Comment on the blog posts with your own opinions, point of views etc … The more you comment the more chances for winning.

3. Share your own tips, ideas, projects etc and let us know by messaging us, or tagging us. (optional but gets extra brownie points)

Since the idea is to share crafty love, we really do want all of you to join in on the sharing too. Doesn’t have to be anything you create just a small crafty tip will be perfect too and if you do please share it on Instagram with the hashtag #craftykickstart16 Here’s to Kickstarting a Crafty 2016! :)

Happy New Year everyone!
'til next time!

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