Friday, August 14, 2015

Technique Post: Challenge 5!

Hi there people, I am here with a technique post for Artful Crafting's Challenge 5. If you haven't checked it out yet, it is all about using Bright colors in your project. Check out the details of the challenge here and do not forget to participate :-)

Well, this is the project I made and basically the background is what i am going to discuss here.

If you have gone through my previous post, you'd know I got these amazing mini distress ink pads. So basically I have used the same inks to create a random, colorful background on a printed paper (It was out of Prima's Stationer's Desk ATC pad)
 After blending in all the colors, I water misted it to create a little more texture. You can mist it from a lesser distance to create blobs of water or from a greater distance to give a little water after-effect. Totally your choice!

The next step was stenciling. I really wanted to use the texture paste with embossing powder, but ended up using it with a coarse powder (neon colors) that I have had for quite sometime now.

After the texture paste (not dried yet)

Adding the coarse neon powder in Pink, Orange and Green to the WET texture paste. 
After adding the powder, I dried it up with a heat gun (impatient of me, always). I kinda liked the result! :)

the texture in sunlight. It actually looks lovely! 

and the last step is to DECORATE! my favorite part. There is nothing tough in the technique really. if you haven't already tried it, make sure you play around with water mists over distress inks PLUS the technique I shared in my last post i-e using water (very less amount) with a mini blending tool over a stencil. It creates amazing results.

Here are a few more pictures I took after completing the card

I hope you have liked the project. Don't forget to leave your feedback and leave some love here on the blog. :)



  1. Totally gorgeous. And such a great walk through the technique.

  2. love the background! its amazing! :D

  3. I love this. Is it just a print? Or has it added texture too? Keep it up 💕

  4. love the background, and the way it ties together and enhances all the elements.

  5. I hv just started following u & others with similar work. This is really amazing. I m inspired.

    1. Welcome to the blog! Thank you for the appreciation :)

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