Friday, July 10, 2015

Artful Crafting Challenge 4: Celebration!

 Hi there everyone! I am back again with a new challenge from Artful Crafting. This time, the theme for you guys to play with is Celebration! Eid is around the corner and we thought why not give you guys a reason to celebrate more. Participate and you just might win some Artful Crafting goodies. Read more about the challenge on Artful Crafting's blog here.

Let's talk about my inspiration for this challenge now :-)

The Kit
I got 5 12x12 papers (Shop here)  from My Mind's Eye Lost & Found, Record it- Heirloom Collection, pockets (Shop here) from the same collection and Dove Craft's cards and envelopes (Shop similar here) . Here is what my kit looked like :)
For closeups Ive taken the paper's HD pictures from MME's blog. Since these are specialty papers with gorgeous glittery lines, High quality pictures are a must :-)

Page 1, the hearts are glittery and beautiful :) 

Page 2

Page 3 

Page 4, again glittery goodness!


Page 5
And the pockets 

Using these papers and a few more (that mixed and matched) I decided to create my first ever explosion box. It came out pretty well, exploding with love :-) 
Let's have a look at it now shall we? 
So this is how the box looked like from the front. I kept the sides plain (the dots on the sides are glittered and I did not want to ruin it by too much of stuff) The heart was cut out from the paper and glossy accented. 
A little close up of the cut out heart and embellished side. 
The lid.  jadore is so gorgeous as it is that I jut didnt want to take the attention away from it :-) just added a little gold, heat embossed script under it. 
The box opens up like this. The centre has a wooden heart embellished with flowers and butterflies. The heart also has a pocket behind it with tags to write in stuff.

The other side. The pocket has another heart that I cut out from the paper. The bottom says "you are my reason why.... Happy Anniversary" 

Here is a close up of each of the side. Two of the sides have pockets with more tags to write in stuff. The other two are flaps with a sentiment and writing space. Here are the pictures :) 
The first flip side. 

another view peeking into what is inside the flip

Inside the flip. A portion for you to write your "True Story" 

The second flip side. 

Inside the second flip. Write in your Vows. 

Lets peek into the two pocket sides now. 

The first pocket, with a few tags inside. 

Three tags inside the pocket. 

The second pocket side: 
This pocket has some diec ut hears and a motex-ed sentiment. inside are a few tags again for you to put in some writing :) You can always utilise the pockets to add in pictures as well.

The tags and tickets inside the second pocket.

Now lets enjoy a few more pictures :)

How the centre of the box looks like. 

The tags inside the centre pocket. 
I hope you have enjoyed the post! Now it is time for you to participate in the challenge. :-) Do leave your feedback, would love to read it!



  1. OH MY ...
    What gorgeous-ness... eeek... I love it Jaihan... love the colors... the layout.. the decoration... love each and everything. Inspired!!!

    1. Thank you so much! thank YOU for the wooden heart you gave me once :) Used it as the centre.

  2. this my friend... THIS is the bomb! I love how different your explosion box looks! I cant tell because there are SO many details and this is something to be seen in person, is there an accordion card in the center? I am loving this J, you outdid yourself!

    1. OMG OMG OMG yayyy thank you SO MUCH! this made my day hehe! The centre piece has a pocket behind it (with a glitter heart on it) and the pocket has those three tags "you are a diamond". I know it gets very confusing with pictures, i also made a video that I will upload as soon as I get time to edit it :D
      Thanks again <3

  3. Oooh! Love this! Is this your first explosion box? Its gorgeous! love all the details!

    1. yes first ever, so much fun in making it! Thank you <3

  4. This is beyond words extra ordinary!!!