Saturday, April 4, 2015

Starting again!

Hi everyone! 
I had almost forgotten I have a blog too. With a few changes, it is back again (would be active now hopefully). :)

First off, I am proud to announce that I am a part of the Artful Crafting Design Team 2015-2016. It is the first design team from Pakistan and I am looking forward to the journey very much! 
You can find the rest of the team and their blogs in the link above. 

Secondly, I have been struggling with crafting for almost 5 months now. I moved to an entirely new place and finding the right market has been hard. I miss my clients from back home and turning down orders gives me a very bad feeling. I really hope I can work this out somehow. 

Thirdly, any sort of feedback is welcome. I would love to hear everyone's comments on how can I improve the blog or what do you want me to share here. The rest of my social media presence has been linked here and you can find it in the right column. Don't forget to follow :) 



  1. Welcome welcome. DT idea was fab, offcourse. Hats off to aapa amd Saba. Hoping to witness yummy posts from you, uberly talented guys. Inshallah. Sending good wishes to your way.

  2. I dont know why you think that you have been struggling with crafting!! You have been creating beauties these past few months! Believe in yourself and you will keep on getting better! Inshahallah :)
    Many many congratulations on your DT spot! Each and everyone of you deserved to be on that team.

    1. I feel outdated. I hope i am able to give time to this and crafting now. I miss it pretty bad. thank you so much Erum! <3

  3. Yeah i agree with Erum, you've been doing amazing! and soon you'll be able to build a bigger and better clientele there too! Hang in there and know you can do it! We're all with you :)

  4. and p.s. you're NOT 'just another girl', you're unique and you're amazing at what you do so believe in yourself!!